Clouds Move Over the Sun. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Clouds Move Over the Sun

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Clouds Move Over the Sun 20220417 850_7239Clouds Move Over the SunClouds covering the sun over Rhode Island Sound from Brenton Point in Newport, Rhode Island as a front moves in.

I have spoken of this in the past, but a trend in photographic editing is sky replacement. I tend to work on the naturalistic side of photography, so this is a software feature that offers little to me.

What is "Naturalistic Photography"? In brief, it is the use of natural lighting and the absence of artificial light to take photographs. This gives the natural effect of the light at various times of the year. It is a technique applied to different landscapes and seascapes.

The origin point of Naturalistic Photography was first recognized in 1889. The eponymous book on the topic under the authorship of Peter Henry Emerson provides the outline. It is to show reality in its own environment without costuming, backdrop or predetermined formulas. I am not fanatical about it, but it is my starting point. 

To me, it is more about the story something such as clouds tell us. They give us the story of the time of year and the weather conditions. Clouds warn us of upcoming weather events and how we should prepare. And they tell the story of the power of nature and the glory of meteorology, physics, and chemistry in action. And for all these things, to me, an algorithm is not a good substitute.

Clouds Rolling In Over Rhode Island Sound
Clouds Rolling In Over Rhode Island Sound 20220417 850_7238Clouds Rolling In Over Rhode Island SoundClouds covering the sun over Rhode Island Sound from Brenton Point in Newport, Rhode Island as a front moves in.


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