Dandelion Sunshine Clusters. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Kingston Dandelion Cluster 

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Kingston Dandelion Cluster 20220430 850_7823Kingston Dandelion Cluster Spring dandelions along the bike trail in Kingston, Rhode Island

Kingston Dandelion and Companions

Kingston Dandelion and Companions 20220430 850_7828Kingston Dandelion and CompanionsA dandelion and its companions along the bike path in Kingston, Rhode Island.

Dandelions are an unappreciated little plant. Often dandelions are the subject of disdain as the ruination of lawns. But others, especially those with youthful souls, see them as a bit of sunshine and fun.

Getting down close to the ground, up close and personal, with a dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), we find a little sunshine. The yellow flower is a relative of the daisy, which always brings joy. The little pops of color in a field of green cause a little surprise and happiness as the young at heart see them.

And as the cycle of the season completes, the stems containing natural milky latex have one last bit of fun. The seeds come out in a little puff ball that begs to have a breath of air for scattering.

All in all, life is easier if we look at dandelions as little clusters of sunlight and fun.

Bike Trail Dandelion

Bike Trail Dandelion 20220430 850_7826Bike Trail DandelionA dandelion in the grass along the bike path in Kingston, Rhode Island

Dandelion Seeds in Kingston

Dandelion Seeds in Kingston 20220430 850_7841Dandelion Seeds in KingstonA dandelion that has gone to seed along the bike path in Kingston, Rhode Island


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