For Whom The Bells Toll. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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For Whom The Bells Toll 

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For Whom The Bells Toll 20220417 850_7164For Whom The Bells Toll The remains of The Bells being taken over by nature at Brenton Point State Park, Newport, Rhode Island

The Bells Takeover

The Bells Takeover 20220417 850_7167The Bells TakeoverThe remains of The Bells being taken over by nature at Brenton Point State Park, Newport, Rhode Island

Ruins are fascinating. They show something that was. They give us the ability to see past construction. They allow the imagination to roam over what once was there. And for some of the younger set, there are the ideas of haunting.

The Bells is one such ruin. Located near the famous mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. The site's origination had the appellation of "The Reefs". A lawyer, Theodore M. Davis, used the property to house and display his collections. Items from around the world, including Egyptian artifacts, found honor there.

In World War II, the property became part of the war effort. The site was seized by the government, it became part of a defensive battery. The property was repatriated to the owners, but the Budong family, it was never occupied again. In 1960, the grand estate burned.

Today, we see the remains of the stable. And that is being taken over by nature. The whole area is now part of Brenton Point State Park. In all eventuality, the trees will take over the structures, mummifying the remains.


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