In the Echoes of Cheering. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Stairs to Cheering

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Stairs to Cheering 20220508 850_7868Stairs to CheeringUnderneath the bleachers at the football stadium at the University of Rhode Island on a bright day

Light Leaks Through Bleachers

Light Leaks Through Bleachers 20220430 850_7872Light Leaks Through BleachersThe sun leaks through the football bleachers at the University of Rhode Island

Hazy Light Under Bleachers

Hazy Light Under Bleachers 20220430 850_7873Hazy Light Under BleachersHazy light seeping through the bleachers at the University of Rhode Island football stadium

In the spring near the time of graduation, the Saturday sounds around gridiron bleachers are quiet. There are murmurs of those wandering by. There are birds singing and chirping in the air. There is a slight rush of wind whistling through the structures. But silence is the rule.

As light seeps through from under the bleachers, there is a glimpse of bright sun and sky. And the echoes of previous seasons carry on the light. Looking up the stairs, one can hear the echoes of cheers on the blue sky outside. And one becomes aware that while a year has closed, the sporting season never ends. The echo will be given a new voice in a few more months.


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