New Growth in the Mist. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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New Growth in the Mist

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New Growth in the Mist 20220503 850_8049New Growth in the MistNew spring growth in morning mist

Spring is always seen as a time of renewal. We all commune in our anxious desire to see new growth in our plants. It is our small participation in the wonderful and mysterious thing called life. We have little to do with it, but it happens anyway, sometimes by our initial planting.

The weather of spring often participates in the shrouding of mystery. It's lighter than rain on a given morning, but heavier than fog. It is a mist that clouds and shrouds the air. In so doing, it creates an air of mystique around new growth on plantings. And in it all, we take part in and witness the magic of life.

New Growth on a Mystical Morning

New Growth on a Mystical Morning 20220503 850_8053New Growth on a Mystical MorningNew spring growth in morning mist


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