Reflective Moments. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Reflective Moments

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Reflective Moments 20220519 850_8099Reflective MomentsEvening reflections at the head of Point Judith Pond

Reflective Evening Point Judith Pond Scene

Reflective Evening Point Judith Pond Scene 20220519 850_8098Reflective Evening Point Judith Pond SceneEvening reflections at the head of Point Judith Pond

Among my favorite and somewhat necessary things that I do is to take some time to wander and think. When I indulge in this pastime, it sometimes is about personal matters. More often than not, it is time for me to focus on bigger issues of the moment.

Some people have ready answers for everything. It is simple for them. But I am not them. I have a quirk of mind and memory that causes me to remember everything I have experienced. As a result, I have a lot of data to sort through when I ponder matters. I need the time to reflect and sort things out. My answers sometimes take a little extra time. Time to consider my place as well as the place of others.

Reflection gives us a moment to review and see things with different eyes. A change of point of view. A second look from a different perspective. And then when I look again, I see something fresh and new. Then, when I look again, I find something marvelous.

Now, if one enlarges these reflective photos, there is a lot to unpack. They are a visual feast. And speaking of feasting, can anyone find the deer? 


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