Spring Painted in Tulips. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Spring Painted in Tulips

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Spring Painted in Tulips 20220502 850_8011Spring Painted in Tulips Spring painted in Tulips in Wickford Village, North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Peach Coloring in Wickford

Peach Coloring in Wickford 20220502 850_7989Peach Coloring in WickfordTulips in the village of Wickford, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

 Whether on drab and rainy or sun-drenched days, Tulips herald spring the loudest. Each flower rests in quiet but is exquisite in nature. Every petal looks like a painter's brush stroked upon its colorful petals.

I have looked at the history of these noble flowers. I have read of their journey from the Ottoman Empire to the lowlands of Holland. Even their history is rich.

At the same time, the Tulip is a humble servant. During World War II, famine attacked the Dutch countryside. In their desperation, the people of Holland ate their Tulips bulbs. Tulips are of the onion family and are edible (although I have heard that they are not too tasty).

Overall, from the village of Wickford to the town of Narragansett, these flowers paint a beautiful picture. And we appreciate their service to spring.

Radiant Narragansett Tulips

Radiant Narragansett Tulips 20220430 850_7897Radiant Narragansett TulipsRadiant tulips in high afternoon sun in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Sunlight Painted Narragansett Tulips

Sunlight Painted Narragansett Tulips 20220430 850_7900Sunlight Painted Narragansett TulipsTulips painted by afternoon sunlight in Narragansett, Rhode Island

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