The Color of Kings with Royal Purpose. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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The Color of Kings

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The Color of Kings 20220520 850_8259The Color of KingsThe color of kings, purple, in an urban planter in Providence, Rhode Island

Evening Falls on Purple Hues

Evening Falls on Purple Hues 20220520 850_8257Evening Falls on Purple HuesEvening falls upon a flower's purple hues

There is a reference of the color purple as the color of kings. In a sense, purple is a color between colors.

Purple being between blues and reds, it finds itself between serenity and passion. It is a color that gives us over to introspection. Our senses awaken at the color allowing us to have insightful observations.

In this case, the evening light upon these flowers is soft. Its beauty brings calls to us and relieves us from a long and weary week. In this, it serves a royal purpose. We then understand that the color purple is not necessarily of royalty but serves us with royal purpose.


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