The Balm of Tiny Red Blooms. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Tiny Red Blooms

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Tiny Red Blooms 20220430 850_7843Tiny Red BloomsTiny red flowers in bloom and on display at the University of Rhode Island campus

Delicate Red Blooms

Delicate Red Blooms 20220430 850_7842Delicate Red BloomsTiny red flowers blossom on the University of Rhode Island campus

Tiny Blooms on the Stem

Tiny Blooms on the Stem 20220430 850_7844Tiny Blooms on the StemTiny red blooms on the stem on the University of Rhode Island campus

I tend to have a very active mind. My work careers have had a focus on solving problems. Sometimes ugly and complex problems involving physics, information systems, mathematics, and navigation. And sometimes, as a leader, the hardest problems brought before me involved people. I would rather handle a ship on the North Sea in winter or work a temporal Datawarehouse issue than deal with conflicts between people.

Dealing with a lot of problems has had a silver lining. They have allowed me to see the small things. They have caused me to seek beauty as a balm for the stream of problems people have brought to my fore. We need to seek the beauty in small places that we never thought to look. It is there, somewhere, if we choose to seek it out.

This is the case in finding these flowers. I had nothing to do on this particular day. In fact, I was killing time waiting for someone. And there, inside a shrub in the shadows, buds no bigger than a segment of my thumb was there. Shy, demure, and almost hiding, there was a pleasant site. It was there all the time, wanting for someone to ask and to seek. And a reward is given in finding.


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