Harbor of Refuge Sunset. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Harbor of Refuge Sunset

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Harbor of Refuge Sunset 20220620 850_9182Harbor of Refuge SunsetOverlooking the dunes and beyond in the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge at sunset

Sunset Over Rosa Rugosa

Sunset Over Rosa Rugosa 20220610 850_9176Sunset Over Rosa RugosaA view across the rosa covered dunes of Camp Cronin as the sun sets over the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge

Sunglow Over Dunes and Beach Roses

Sunglow Over Dunes and Beach Roses 20220610 850_9186Sunglow Over Dunes and Beach RosesThe glow of sunset across the dunes and beach roses at Camp Cronin in Narragansett, Rhode Island

There are times of year when the sunsets are easy. The light of the sun will glow into a slow subtle darkness. This happens where weather conditions meet an explosion of spring and summer growth. The effect is amazing and not reproducible by many means. The impact on human senses and emotions is sublime.

This happens upon this sunset in the dunes of the eastern shore of the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge. Upon the dunes is a field of beach roses of white and pink. In the gentle breeze, pollen releases into the early evening air. The temperature and the dew point converge suspending some of the moisture in the air. Far above, over the clouds, the air is dry as this moisture gathers, so it dissipates in the air.

The result is pale filtered light producing subtle hues. This light reflects upon the water and through the moored boats. The green of the roses glows with this diffused light. The air itself acts as a prism creating subtle relaxing colors.

What is most amazing is that knowing why only enhances the feelings. It is an absolute miracle of biology, chemistry, and physics that produces this type of scene. This is why the Rhode Island shoreline is a unique and wonderful gift.


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