Mariposa Workboats. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Mariposa Workboat

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Mariposa Workboat 20220519 850_8118Mariposa WorkboatReflections on the water from a workboat that has been converted from a pleasure boat. Early evening at the head of Point Judith Pond in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Boat of Transformed Purpose

Boat of Transformed Purpose 20220519 850_8113Boat of Transformed PurposeA boat once used for pleasure transformed into a workboat. Viewed in evening rain at the head of Point Judith Pond, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

While visiting the coast of Ireland after a long shipboard journey, I had a conversation with an older gentleman. We were observing the surroundings and I took note of some of the men tending livestock.

I asked the older gentleman at my side why they were wearing suits. He explained to me that the Irish were a very practical people. The suits, when no longer usable for their intended purpose, still have use. They do not discard these garments but wear them for their layered wool warmth.

I was able to relate that on the coast of Rhode Island, where I am from, we had a similar practice with boats. When pleasure boats were no longer "pretty" but still useful, they transform into workboats. Over a winter they change under working hands into quahog boats, lobster skiffs, and other working boats. Boats as metaphorical butterflies. 

Then the older gentleman invited me down to the local pub for breakfast. He wanted to chat with me about this place known as Rhode Island and know more about our waterfront life. And I was interested in his life as well. 


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