Matunuck's Lonely Tree Has International Recognition. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

June 16, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Matunuck's Lonely Tree

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MatunucksLonelyTree_20191111_D56_0446Matunuck's Lonely TreeMatunuck's Lonely Tree is a tree with no reason but stands at the edge of what was once farmland and what is still beach during a weather event at sunset. A commenter who viewed this photo simply said, "I see Hope". Being that this photo was taken at the Rhode Island shore, it is fitting to invoke "Hope" (the state motto).

I photographed Matunuck's tree along the beach a while ago. It was a stormy day, but behind the storm, the sun was setting and giving an orange cast to the tempestuous sky. There was hope somewhere out there in spite of the storm. The tree at the edge of where a ledge of lang met the beach stood as a testament to that hope.

In the following winter, erosion being a constant for the shore of Rhode Island, the tree washed away. A few weeks after this photograph, the resilient tree among the beach rose bushes was gone. I was both sad that it was gone and happy that I had made this tree a photo subject.

A few weeks later still, I entered Matunuck's Lonely Tree in a photo contest with Engage Art. The photo underwent a professional jury process among hundreds of entries. It is now a semi-finalist in a field with other visual artists from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, and the United States. Readers can find more about the contest here: Announcing Our Semi-Finalists! · Engage Art

Do you want to bring more recognition to the Matunuck shoreline and the meaning of this tree? Feel free to vote here: Matunuck's Lonely Tree · Engage Art

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