King Tide Reflections. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Reflective King Tide Symmetries

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Reflective King Tide Symmetries 20220713 850_1254Reflective King Tide SymmetriesSunset symmetries at The Great Creek and Dutch Harbor during a King Tide, Jamestown, Rhode Island

"King Tides" are not all that unusual. They are predictable events. They occur when the moon is new or full and is closest to the earth in its monthly orbit. "King Tide" is a non-scientific term that hails from our friends in Australia.

The proper term would actually be a Perigean tide. That is when the new or full moon coincides in time with the perigee of the moon. This is the point where the moon is closest to the earth.

When a "supermoon" occurs, "King Tides" become interesting. The supermoon is when the moon's orbit (perigee) is closest to the earth at the same time that the moon is full.

In practical terms, the Moon looks bigger than normal, and the tides are higher. The tides may cause flooding and those boats swinging at anchor should allow more scope in the rode.

I took my son down to the Great Creek in Jamestown, Rhode Island during such a tide. There is a small road bridge that allows water from one side of the marsh to the other. The inbound tide formed a venturi effect at that aperture displaying a strong current.

From a visual perspective, the extra water flooding the marsh created stunning reflections. The surface, undisturbed by any waves, was a perfect mirror.

King Tide Sunset

King Tide Sunset 20220720 850_1257King Tide SunsetSunset symmetries at The Great Creek during a King Tide, Jamestown, Rhode Island

King Tide Reflections

King Tide Reflections 20220713 850_1268King Tide ReflectionsSunset symmetries at The Great Creek during a King Tide, Jamestown, Rhode Island

Oh, and for information's sake, here is that supermoon as taken later that same night

Full Buck Supermoon 13 July 2022

Full Buck Supermoon 13 July 2022Full Buck Supermoon 13 July 2022Phase: Full Moon
Illumination: 100%
Moon Age: 14.45 days
Moon Angle: 0.55
Moon Distance: 363,448.64 km
Sun Angle: 0.52
Sun Distance: 152,071,251.68 km

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