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Fish Net in Orange and Aqua

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Fish Net in Orange and Aqua 20220618 850_9482Fish Net in Orange and AquaStacked netting at the Port of Galilee on a cloudy day. Narragansett, Rhode Island

Nets and Floats

Nets and Floats 20220618 850_9480Nets and FloatsFloats and nets stored on the waterfront in the Port of Galilee, Narragansett, Rhode Island

Net Covers Float

Net Covers Float 20220618 850_9488Net Covers FloatNets covering a float at the waterfront of the ort of Galilee in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

I like to work out. My preference in lifting is kettlebells. It is a simple concept, move the weight in various ways to become stronger and stay in shape. There is also something that moving off center weights teaches someone. That is, simple often is not easy.

So it is with fishing nets. The concept is simple. Put the net in the water, pull the net up, and it contains fish. The execution of operating a net is a little more intricate and complex.

Nets come with a lot of components that allow them to lower into the water. They have the right parts settle above the bottom. And they have floats to hold the net open (some also have "doors" that act as "wings" to spread the net underwater).

We have listed the rudimentary parts of fishing nets, but maintenance needs a mention too. Nets and their parts need tending and care after usage. Floats will need replacement. Drags need replenishment. And storage needs care such that the ultraviolet radiation of the sun does not damage the net material.

Life on the waterfront may seem simple, but it is never easy. Neither is the persistence or diligence that it takes to make a good fisherman. 


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