Please Hold My Chair Until Tomorrow. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Seeping into the soul

Hold My Chair Until Tomorrow

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Hold My Chair Until Tomorrow 20220723 850_1582Hold My Chair Until TomorrowEast Matunuck Beach lifeguard chair in a summer sunset

Leaving the beach after a summer's day is always bittersweet. There is the tendency to take one last look at everything. It is as if we don't want the memories to leave, so we try to soak up the ambience in our storage memory as we go. It is a place the has managed to seep into your soul. 

A look at the lifeguard chair as the sun sets and we walk up the beach. A look back at the pathway and another chair in place. And then you get it when you look back at one more place walking to the car.

You see one more lifeguard chair with a couple. They are looking at the hazy sundown colors on the southern horizon. You realize that they are keeping the watch for the next beach day. And holding the chair until the morrow.

Muted and Soft Evening Light

Muted and Soft Evening Light 20220723 850_1585Muted and Soft Evening LightA little bit of summer evening haze setting in (muting and softening the color and light) upon departure from East Matunuck State Beach, South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

The Soul's Beach View

The Soul's Beach View 20220723 850_1588The Soul's Beach ViewUpon the close of a beach day at East Matunuck State Beach as a couple sits in a vacated lifeguard chair and share the muted color in the haze illuminated by the setting sun. South Kingstown, Rhode Island


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