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Always pleasantly surprised

Golden Hour Postcard

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Golden Hour Postcard 20220713 850_1240Golden Hour PostcardEarly evening viewing west during the Golden Hour at the Great Creek, Jamestown, Rhode Island during a "King Tide"; at high tide with Dutch Harbor in the distance

Delivery On a Country Road

Delivery On a Country Road 20220713 850_1253Delivery On a Country RoadA golden hour early evening viewing south on North Road along the Great Creek in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

One thing that I love about Rhode Island is that we have a variety of beautiful scenery in a small space. Sometimes the scenery and view changes by a mere turning of the head. And sometimes, the views break the stereotype of Rhode Island.

This set of views actually caught my son and I by surprise. We were walking down the road, the sun beginning to sink in the sky. The tide was high on the marsh; a "King Tide" that was licking the sides of the road. Despite being in my native state, I had a sudden reminiscence of being in another place far south of Rhode Island.

But having a sudden thought of being in another place is why I love living where we do. Rhode Island has a set of views that always gives us a surprise. It is never dull, always finding something new to explore. And in so doing, Rhode Island is a place that has the ability to gift us with postcards from home.


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