When We All Get Together. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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 Treating one another as sister and brother

When We All Get Together

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When We All Get Together 2022711 850_1050When We All Get TogetherAll the tenders gather at the end of a summer day in Dutch Harbor, Jamestown, Rhode Island

When I was a young man, I lived in a few distinct worlds. Among these was the maritime world along the waterfront. The other part was the church sponsored camp meetings common in the summer season. Never were there two worlds in diametric cultural opposition. Or so it seems.

In point of fact, these two worlds have a lot in common. The commonality comes to a stark revelation on summer nights as the sun begins its descent. The air starts to cool from its daytime heat. As a result, the breeze calms. The air itself becomes tranquil.

When these summer days melt into evening, both types of people do one thing. That is, they come together. The campground people migrate to tabernacles to sing gospel tunes and sermonize. The maritime people get together on boats for meals. Both end up spending the evening after talking and chatting. And as all humans do, they seek out their common bond.

At points in my life, I have found myself as the translator between the two cultures. As I look at this tranquil scene of all these tenders gathered for the evening, a thought occurs. That thought is from an old gospel song that finds its symbolism in these boats together in peace. When we all get together, we'll all treat each other like sister and brother.


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