Why Flowers? Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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The selfless flower is a gift

Tiny Peony

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Tiny Peony 20220605 V850_8739Tiny PeonyA tiny peony bud starts to flower at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island

What a Peach

What a Peach 20220605 850_8816What a PeachA peach colored rose from Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island

Why flowers? I am asked this often. I am a person who wanders the waterfront and contemplates hikes and rugged tasks. The answer is simple. Flowers are beautiful. They are subtle reminders that there is beauty in this world. No matter how hard the day or where we are, we find flowers.

I am the father of two teenage sons. This means that I am always busy and often waiting for them. Right now, in the summer, I spend evenings waiting as they hone their viola play in Summer Strings.

While we wait, my wife and I, we stroll. It takes nothing to sling a camera over my shoulder. As we walk, we observe. People take time to adorn their homes in the village with such beautiful flowers.

What we have found is that as we look at the flowers, people become curious. They ask questions and talk to us. Some are friends. Others are out tending their gardens and a conversation ensues as we ask their assent to take photos.

Most of the photos pictured are from local parks and other places. More are in our Flowers/Flora portfolio from various places.

But the point is that if you ever question where beauty is in the world, it is in the flowers. Flowers are a common point that we all appreciate in New England, spring, summer, and fall. And flowers are also a unifying point to talk to both friends and strangers. The selfless flower is a gift.

Sunlight on Ivory

Sunlight on Ivory 20220605 850_8742Sunlight on IvoryIvory colored and shaded and flower in sunlight at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island

In the Sun's Spotlight

In the Sun's Spotlight 20220605 850_8804In the Sun's SpotlightA flower in the sun's spotlight at Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island

Watered Lily

Watered Lily 20220619 850_9580Watered LilyA recently watered lily at Great Island, Narragansett, Rhode Island

Roger Williams Yellow Rose

Roger Williams Yellow Rose 20220605 850_8901Roger Williams Yellow RoseA yellow rose in the late day sun at Roger Williams Park , Providence, Rhode Island


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