Little Miracles That Forge Appreciation for the Beach. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Little miracles help focus on bigger miracles

Reflective Plover

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Reflective Plover 20220818 850_2631Reflective PloverPlovers moving about on Scarborough State Beach, Narragansett, Rhode Island

Reflective Plover Peeking

Reflective Plover Peeking 20220818 850_2632Reflective Plover PeekingPlovers moving about on Scarborough State Beach, Narragansett, Rhode Island

When I visit places such as the beach, I see a large miracle before me. The beach is a wonder made up of sand and large expanses of water and sky. But if one only considers the beach, it makes it seem overwhelming and almost unreal.

In our good fortune, the beach also has highlights that make it more personal. There are rocks, shells, sea life, and birds. Among the birds are plovers.

Plovers come in a variety of types, but are small, anxious birds that run in and from the water and flit about. To see plovers in their fullest, one must quiet themselves and slow their movements. One has to want to see them up close and earn their trust.

Seeing plovers up close is what makes huge wonders such as beaches intimate. Observing their movement and earning their confidence deepens our relationship with this place. And that makes the place more of a miracle.


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