Stalking Cheetah. Photography by Keith R Wahl. Text by J. K. Wahl

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Instincts at work

Stalking Cheetah

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Stalking Cheetah 20220828 850_2967Stalking CheetahA Cheetah on the stalk at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island

The cheetah is notoriously known as the fastest land animal, reaching sprints of about 60 miles an hour. These sprints are possible because of their large nostrils and lungs for increased oxygen intake and distribution throughout the body.  They also have a light body structure, allowing for faster acceleration.

To aid them in hunting, cheetahs have a small enough frame to stay hidden in tall grasses. Their yellow and black coloration allows them to blend into the surroundings of the African savannah.  These cats are truly masters of their surroundings.

In this image, the cheetah is practicing stalking behavior.  She may not live in the wild, but she still has the instincts of any wild feline.


Note: Our youngest son wrote the text associated with this photo. He has a love and knowledge of animals. And has been working at a zoo for the summer. So, as we have opportunities to add photos that I have taken at the zoo, he will be our guest writer on the topic (and he has taught us a lot as parents just by speaking with sheer glee about these creatures). 


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