Summer Decrescendo. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Gentle Evening Light at Scarborough

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Gentle Evening Light at Scarborough 20220818 850_2617Gentle Evening Light at ScarboroughA gentle beach scene in soft summer evening light as plovers work at the water's edge with Point Judith Lighthouse in the background

Pay Per View Beach Weather

Pay Per View Beach Weather 20220818 850_2710Pay Per View Beach WeatherSummer evening storm clouds gather at Scarborough State Beach. The setting sun is illuminating rain in the distance over Point Judith as the front moves in overhead in the southwest breeze.

Soft Light Beach Scene

Soft Light Beach Scene 20220818 850_2618Soft Light Beach SceneA gentle beach scene in soft summer evening light as plovers work at the water's edge with Point Judith Lighthouse in the background

Summers start out with a bang. The kids get out of school and people start ramping up for the big summer vacation. Traffic increases with trips to camps, the shore, the mountains, and points between. The sun blazes high in the sky and the heat of the day increases. The food takes on a different flavor as cooking moves to the outdoors.

The clanging crescendo of summer's start is the Fourth of July. There is the thrill of the thundering of fireworks in the sky. Then we all move on with our other planned summer activity.

If the Fourth of July is the crescendo of summer's start, then late August must be the decrescendo. The evenings become quieter as tourists start their trek home. The sun starts its retreat with later sunrises and earlier sunsets. The air softens with the light.

We know that soon, the kids will be back in school. The new shoes, pants, shirts, and school supplies tells us so. We walk the beaches at the end of the day with fewer people around us. And we realize that summer departs, as it always does. The master conductor waves the baton so low in commanding the softest of notes. Pianissississimo; very, very, very, soft. A soft, gentle, whisper bidding a clement adieu.


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