Baskets of Harvest. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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The time to gather

Bushels Of Apples

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Bushels Of ApplesBushels Of ApplesBushels Full Of Apples. Apples in a rural setting on Conanicut Island, Jamestown, Rhode Island

Fall Farm Stand Gourds

FallFarmstandGourds_20201010_850_6366Fall Farm Stand GourdsSquash and gourds in a farm stand basket.

Fall Farm Stand In The Basket

FallFarmstandInTheBasket_20201010_850_6368Fall Farm Stand In The BasketGourds and squash in the basket and readied for sale.

Fall Farm Stand Bounty

FallFarmstandBounty_20201010_850_6369Fall Farm Stand BountyA bounty of squash and gourds in a farm stand basket.

Autumn is not only a time for leaves to change colors and fall to the ground. It is the time of harvest. It is the time where the toils of the summer bear fruit.

My grandparents had what one might call a "gentleman's farm" in its time. I can remember as a child standing in the rows of various crops picking vegetables or fruit. Picking one item is easy. By the time that the second hour passes, one understands and appreciates the work. If one did not know that they worked from the filled baskets and bins, their aching legs provided information.

Coming in from the field, the canning and storing commenced led by my hardy Dutch grandmother. But first, there were meals of the selected fresh picked. The preparation was outside, performed over fire. The service in the cool air was family style along long picnic tables. It was a celebration that the harvest had come in.


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