Beauty That Lasts. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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“Beauty is not caused. It is.”

- Emily Dickinson

Beautiful White Hibiscus

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Beautiful White Hibiscus 20220905 850_3315Beautiful White HibiscusAn Hibiscus flower and unfurled bud right before a heavy rainstorm at Indian Lake in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Tissue Paper Thin Hibiscus Flower

Tissue Paper Thin Hibiscus Flower 20220905 850_3317Tissue Paper Thin Hibiscus FlowerTissue paper thin Hibiscus flower alongside Indian Lake in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Hibiscus Bud in Dull Morning Light

Hibiscus Bud in Dull Morning Light 20220905 850_3321Hibiscus Bud in Dull Morning LightA wihte Hibiscus flowering in the dull morning light alongside Indian Lake Shores, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Hibiscus Preserved Before a Storm

Hibiscus Preserved Before a Storm 20220905  850_3318 1Hibiscus Preserved Before a StormAn Hibiscus before a storm at Indian Lake in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

The delicate Hibiscus. Tissue paper thin. Delicate. Elegant. White and pure in soft, pale light. We found these examples in our Indian Lake neighborhood. We were taking a walk, my wife and I, before the end of meteorological summer. It was also before a storm where copious amounts of rain fell in big, heavy drops.

Returning to this spot by the lake after the rain, the soft petals did not last. No longer will they charm us with their presence. But they were here once, and they had grace and virtue.

So, we have a choice in the passing of these flowers. We can lament their demise or celebrate their presence. I stroll with a camera and capture flowers. It is a task that I never thought that I would find myself performing. But I do so to exalt them and what they give us. I do so because they do not last, but they have so much to give us now in their present and again in their remembrance. I capture their temporal image because they are.


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