How Many Muscles in and Elephant's Trunk? Photography by Keith R Wahl and Text by J. K. Wahl

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Th' unwieldy elephant, to make them mirth, us'd all his might, and wreathed his lithe proboscis.” - John Milton

Eye To Eye

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EyeToEye_20200217_D56_0091EEye To EyeEye To Eye. Coming eye to eye with a feeding elephant at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island

African Elephants are interesting in their adaptations and features.  They are the largest land animal, weighing up to eleven tons.   Their trunks contain 40,000 muscles, allowing them mastery over this appendage.  Elephants also have two "fingers" on the end of their trunks, allowing them to easily grab objects more.

On a sadder note, elephants are among the most poached animals on earth. Their tusks grow for their entire lives. This makes elephants a target for poachers. The black market for their Ivory is very large, with illegal ivory selling for approximately $1,800/kg.  African elephants are currently classified as an endangered species.

This is one of the three elephants at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island.  Alice, Ginny, and Kate are the names of these elephants, and they live as freely in the zoo as they do in the wild.


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