Human Creativity and Nature Meet. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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High Hopes

Ant Can't?

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Ant Can't 20220910 850_3454Ant Can't?A flying ant clims a stack of rocks upon a driftwood log at East Matunuck State Beach in the late day sun

Ant Can!

Ant Can! 20220910 850_3455Ant Can!A flying ant clims a stack of rocks upon a driftwood log at East Matunuck State Beach in the late day sun

As summer closes upon the southern Rhode Island beaches, several forces converge. These forces are nature, human creativity, and a splash of entropy. The mix is an explosion of inspiration for imaginative and creative minds.

Nature provides the raw materials. Driftwood logs blows to shore. Waves smooth the rocks that are a natural occurrence on the beaches. And then, before the air cools, flying ants fill the air and follow the winds to the shore.

Humans find the driftwood log and rocks to create temporary structures on the sands. There is a certain improvisational creative genius in these structures. It is temporary art in and of itself.

Then, an ant decides to conquer one of these artistic endeavors. It must climb the structure for the same reason given by Sir Edmund Hilary, "Because it is there." The high hopes of the ant made manifest.

Entropy will take over. The sand will move. The log will fall. The stones will scatter. The high hopes will remain documented.


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