Portrait of a Giraffe. Photography by Keith R Wahl. Text by J.K. Wahl

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What do giraffes have in common with humans?

Portrait of a Giraffe

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Portrait of a Giraffe 20220828 850_3125Portrait of a GiraffePortrait of a giraffe at Roger Williams Park Zoo on a sunny summer day (not unlike the weather found in their native environment)

Giraffes are incredibly fascinating creatures. In particular, the Masai Giraffe is the tallest species of giraffe in the world. The tallest Masai Giraffe on record is 18 feet 8 inches (5.7 meters). They use their long neck and legs to reach the leaves in the tall trees that would not be accessible to them otherwise. This becomes an issue when they need to drink water though, as they need to stand with their front legs splayed to reach the pools of water for their needs. In spite of their long necks, giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as humans (seven vertebrae).

This particular giraffe's name is Cora, and she lives at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island.  She is docile, as giraffes are most of the time.  Her lighter brown spots and shorter neck and legs separate her from the other giraffe in the exhibit, Jaffa. 

Here, she is pacing back and forth in the outdoor portion of her enclosure.  She is just as much a beautiful and majestic animal as any giraffe in the wild.


Note: Our youngest son wrote the text associated with this photo. He has a love and knowledge of animals. And has been working at a zoo for the summer. So, as we have opportunities to add photos that I have taken at the zoo, he will be our guest writer on the topic (and he has taught us a lot as parents just by speaking with sheer glee about these creatures). He also wrote Made From RI Gallery | Stalking Cheetah

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