Scnickelfritz Views. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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A shared experience

Seats for and Upper Pond Sunset

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Seats for and Upper Pond Sunset 20220914 850_3778Seats for and Upper Pond SunsetA place to sit and watch a sunset amongst the boats on the Upper Pond in Narragansett.

Floating at Sunset

Floating at Sunset 20220914 850_3776Floating at SunsetA boat floats on the Upper Pond as the sunset over the boats at Silver Spring Cove are in view.

Sunset on the Upper Pond

Sunset on the Upper Pond 20220914 850_3772Sunset on the Upper PondThe Upper Pond at sunset viewing from Narragansett to Silver Spring Cove.

Sunset Glow on the Upper Pond

Sunset Glow on the Upper Pond 20220914 850_3765Sunset Glow on the Upper PondThe sun glows over the Upper Pond at sunset in Narragansett, Rhode Island

What is "Schickelfritz"? It is a word of Germanic origin that is of endearment. It is how one would refer to a child as a "scamp" or "rascal". It refers to innocent, if lively, activity that makes one smile.

The views displayed here of the "Upper Pond" (Point Judith Pond). It is a place that I have rounded many times in various boats. It is on a course leading to one of my favorite marinas, in fact. And the name of the boat of that marina's late owner was "Schnickelfritz".

As the sun creates a playful setting of light, the memory of an old boat, a kind old boatswain's mate all come to mind. And from a conversation that I had at this spot; it is a shared experience.


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