Seasonal Preparation. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Crooked wood burns quite as well as straight - German Proverb

Seasoned and Stacked

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Seasoned and Stacked 20220917 850_3934Seasoned and StackedStacks of seasoned split wood supported by tree in preparation of colder months.

Stacked and Seasoned

Stacked and Seasoned 20220917 850_3931Stacked and SeasonedStacks of seasoned split wood supported by tree in preparation of colder months.

Walking down the street, the signs of seasonal change are evident. A neighbor has stacks of split and seasoned wood covered outside. The stacks are between their trees away from the house and prepared for Fall and into Winter. This is New England, and even in Southern New England it pays to prepare. We do get snow here and in turn, we do lose power on occasion. 

In Rhode Island, the look is less rustic and more modern. We are watching fuel and utility costs increase. Stacked wood may not be the wave of the future, but it is certain in the present.


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