Softly a Day on the Water Ends. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

September 21, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Grateful for what we have here on the coast

Softly in East Matunuck

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Softly in East Matunuck 20220910 850_3532Softly in East MatunuckAt the golden hour, the mists arise as the sun descends viewing westward from East Matunuck to Matunuck as a boat trolls for fish. .

There is something about the change of seasons creating immediate nostalgia. We are not quite ready to let the past season go. We have much more to do, and we want those extra precious moments, hours, and days.

And the weather is sympathetic in that plight. The haze gives way to the mists of memory. In fact, those are mists created by the breaking of waves. This causes a soft amber glow at the end of the day as we watch the sportfishing boat between beaches.

Soon the water will start to chill. The soft blues will become hard and almost black. Life here will be a little harder in the cold as we see heat instead of light. But for now, we look into the glow, remember, and are grateful for what we have here on the coast.


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