The Boats That Become Art in the Water. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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The boat as art

Classic Lines and Brightwork

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Classic Lines and Brightwork 20220924 850_4351Classic Lines and BrightworkThe classic vessel "Miss Asia" bow view as docked at Watch Hill. Brightwork and sleek lines.

I grew up on boats, with boats, and around boats. We talked about boats at the dinner table the way some families talk about politics. And the considerations of vessel design and build were sometime as contentious.

This gave me an appreciation for the aesthetics of boats. There are some boats that are mere boats. They perform the function of floating in the water and moving under sail or mechanical means.

Other boats have style, class, and panache. They are at home in the water and become part of the environment. They reflect the water, and the water moves in sympathy. The sun shines upon these boats and they glow in return. The lines and curves of these boats make them both distinct from the land and part of the scenery. These boats are classics. They are naval architecture with an emphasis on the art of architecture. Form is a true following of function.

Rhode Island's Watch Hill Cove is among the places that these vessels float. Here we find a classic that looks like it is in motion tied up to the pier. Varnished brightwork, polished stainless steel, chrome steel cutwater, and gold filigree. This is a classic in every sense of the word, and the envy of many boats nearby.


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