Thoughts of Autumn. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

September 22, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Embracing the beautiful change

Autumn Leaves Near Home

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Autumn Leaves Near Home 20211015 850_2288Autumn Leaves Near HomeAutumn leaves in fall colors

Fall Pathways: Gated

FallPathways_Gated_20201019_850_7806Fall Pathways: GatedPathways in Fall seem to be more symbolic. They not only highlight the Fall foliage, but they also represent the transitions between seasons.

Temporary Ornaments

TemporaryOrnaments_20201016_850_7511Temporary OrnamentsLeaves hanging on in a brilliant display of color.

Foliage Cathedral

FoliageCathedral_20201012_850_7125Foliage CathedralOn the bike path in South Kingstown, Rhode Island after a rain. The leaves have fallen and provide an outline to the path. The trees above provide a cathedral of color.

Portrait Of Change

PortraitOfChange_20201010_850_6685Portrait Of ChangeA single Maple leaf in the process of changing colors. The chlorophyll is breaking down and the green color is disappearing, and the yellow to orange colors become visible.

Autumn arrives for 2022 at 9:03 PM EDT for where we are in Rhode Island. At this moment, there are few changes save for a bit of a chill as I take the dog out for his ablution in the early morning.

Soon the weather, the light, and the leaves will change. Some of the change has already started due to a summer drought. It will come with alacrity, seeming to come all at once. But this is the nature of Autumn in New England. And it is always beautiful, so we embrace this wonderous change.


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