The Bird Asked a Question. Photography by Keith R Wahl and Text by J W Wahl

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Where's the Aoudads?

The Bird Asked a Question

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The Bird Asked a Question 20220828 850_2969The Bird Asked a QuestionAn Ostrich at Roger Williams Park Zoo with an inquiring look and something on its mind. Grilling passersby under the bright mid-day sun.

The ostrich is the largest bird on earth.  Because of this, it has incredibly long strides of up to 16 feet when running. These strides allow an ostrich sprint at up to 45 mph, holding the record for the fastest flightless bird on earth. 

This particular ostrich is from the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island.  They are in a rocky exhibit where the zoo used to have Aoudads.  The ostriches enjoy this exhibit, and walk along their fence, watching visitors.  They run around feeling as wild as any wild ostrich ever could.

The Bird Asked a Question at Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, Rhode Island


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