Autumnal Morning Stroll. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

October 08, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Bike Path Fall Foliage

Bike Path Fall Foliage 20221015 850_5053Bike Path Fall FoliageFall foliage on the bike path in South Kingstown

In Rhode Island's South County, on an autumnal morn,
I take a stroll through the woods, where the leaves adorn.
Red, orange, and gold, a dazzling sight,
As the sun shines brightly, with all its might.

I walk along the winding paths,
Breathing in the crisp, cool air, with blissful gasps.
Fallen leaves dance beneath my feet,
A symphony of crunches, oh so sweet.

I stop to admire a maple leaf,
Its delicate veins, a work of art, beyond belief.
A gentle breeze sends it twirling,
A graceful ballet, my heart is swirling.

I'm grateful for this moment, so serene,
In Rhode Island's South County, where nature's dreams convene.
An autumnal morning stroll, a gift so rare,
A memory to cherish, with loving care.

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