Pawtuxet Post. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Where we live in Rhode Island, there is history everywhere. This post is found was found in Pawtuxet, a village in Warwick, Rhode Island. This is where the Gaspee Day Parade passes every year, remembering the first flames of the American Revolution in 1772. 

Pawtuxet Post

PawtuxetPost_20200927_850_4988Pawtuxet PostThe remaining nails from multitudes of bills nailed to a post in the Warwick, Rhode Island village of Pawtuxet.

In Pawtuxet, a village old,
A post with nails stands tall and bold.
The bills of yore, their marks remain,
A silent witness to history's reign.

From fairs and parades, the bills were hung,
Perhaps even the meeting where Gaspee was stung.
A whisper of the past, the nails impart,
A glimpse of life before the present start.

So let us pause at this historic post,
And ponder the tales that it has engrossed.
Of gatherings and celebrations grand,
Of a community that stood hand in hand.

May the nails of Pawtuxet forever rust,
A reminder of our past, a living trust.

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