Seeking and Sharing Beauty and Hope. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Flowers On a Country Road

Flowers On A Country RoadFlowers On A Country RoadFlowers in a basket decorating a gate along the backroads of Indian Lake Shores, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

In a world where darkness reigns,
Poverty, war, and broken families,
I've seen the pain.

But through the ashes, hope remains,
In acts of kindness, beauty blooms,
And life sustains.

LobsterBuoyOnTheFence_20200725_850_2710Lobster Buoy On The FenceA single lobster buoy hanging on a fence in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

I've sailed to bring medical help,
To the ostracized and the torn,
My heart's compass, a guiding helm,
To heal the weary and forlorn.

I've risked it all to bring light,
Educational materials,
To torn lands where shadows fight,
For little ones to learn their skills.

HopesAnchorInStone_20200223_D56_0193EHope's Anchor In StoneIn Narragansett, Rhode Island on the side of the former lifesaving station and current restaurant, an anchor (a symbol of Hope) resiliently stands for all to see.

And because of this, I'm driven to find,
Beauty and wonder everywhere,
To leave this world a better kind,
And show the world that love can dare.

In common verse, my story's told,
Of darkness met with shining light,
For in the face of winter's cold,
The warmth of spring will take its flight.

Dreams of Fish 20220923 850_4272Dreams of FishAt the blue hour by the fountain of the Towers of Narragansett, barely lit pink clouds from the last of sunlight in the background, the lights come on to produce a dreamlike quality as the waters flow.

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