The Barn in New England's Autumn. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Leaving The Barn

LeavingTheBarn_20201010_850_6518Leaving The BarnThe tree line drive leading to the barn in Exeter, Rhode Island

The Barn in New England's Autumn

In New England's Autumn splendor,
Where the trees in hues transcend,
Stands a barn, both old and weathered,
A symbol of the land.

Split rail fences lead the way,
To stone walls old and gray,
Where the path is lined with leaves,
In shades of orange, red, and russet.

This scene, so pure and true,
Is the epitome of rural Autumn,
In New England, where the seasons,
Change with hues so bright and charming.

The barn stands tall and proud,
A witness to the time,
When farmers worked the fields,
And nature's gifts did climb.

Now, in Autumn's golden glow,
The barn reflects the past,
A reminder of the simple life,
That forevermore shall last.

Thus, let us preserve this moment,
Of beauty and of grace,
In New England's Autumn splendor,
Where the barn holds its place.


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