Welcome October in Rhode Island. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Autumn Leaves Near Home

Autumn Leaves Near Home 20211015 850_2288Autumn Leaves Near HomeAutumn leaves in fall colors

Welcome October in Rhode Island

Oh, October, in Rhode Island, land of my heart,
You come with a beauty that makes my soul start.
The leaves of the maples, ablaze with red and gold,
Reflect the sunlight, a sight to behold.

The air is crisp and cool, the breeze is soft and mild,
Inviting me to explore, to wander and be wild.
I walk along the shore, beneath the autumn sky,
And breathe in the scent of the sea, so fresh and high.

I see the fishermen casting their nets in the bay,
And the seagulls soaring overhead, on their way.
I hear the waves crashing against the rocks below,
A symphony of sound, a song I know.

I visit the farms, where the harvest is in full swing,
And the apples are ripe, a golden stream.
I sample the cider, fresh and sweet,
And savor the flavors of the fall that meet.

Oh, October, in Rhode Island, land of my delight,
You fill my heart with joy, with every passing night.
I welcome you with open arms, with all my might,
For you are the season that makes my spirit soar so high.

Keith R Wahl, 2023, "Ocean State Lensman, Educated Wharf Rat, Coastal Versifier, Cultured Beach Bum"


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