Why Are We Here? Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Why Are We Here?

Flowers in Autumnal Morning Colors 20221008 850_4711Flowers in Autumnal Morning ColorsEarly morning Autumnal Colors are reflected in Belleville Pond at Ryan Park as flowers of the field become part of the season. An insect of orange color adds to the feeling.

In a world where darkness reigns,
Where sorrow and pain are chains,
Why are we here, why do we exist?
Is it to be plagued by a twisted mist?

Cat And Cutter Moored In Fog 20210626 850_5652ACat And Cutter Moored In FogA Catboat and Cutter moored in the fog. In Newport Harbor, Newprt, Rhode Island. The fog settles in even thicker.

No, my friend, we are here to see,
The beauty of nature, the majesty.
The ocean's power, the flower's bloom,
The innocence of children, in every room.

Simplest Moments 01 20230916 850_5180_displaySimplest Moments 01A mother and child experiencing East Matunuck State Beach, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

We are here to protect and appreciate,
All that is good, and all that is great.
To be vessels of light, in the darkest night,
To spread joy and love, with all our might.

Beavertail Glory 17 20230727 850_2272_displayBeavertail Glory 17Standing on the rocky shore of Beavertail at the southernmost point of Jamestown, Rhode Island. There is a storm brewing in the northwest and the front is moving in, rapidly, as the sun begins its descent. The sun shines through as the chop forms on top of the swells rolling to shore.

Though the world may seem bleak and cold,
Our hearts can shine, like stories untold.
So let us be vessels of radiant light,
And banish the darkness, with all our might.

Breaking Waves At Matunck Q 20210908 850_9984Breaking Waves At Matunuck QLate summer evening waves as a storm moves in at Matunuck. The sun is trying to set among the clouds in the distance as the waves roll to shore among the brightly colored rocks.

For in the beauty of nature, and the ocean's power,
In the innocence of children, and the flower's hour,
We find our purpose, our reason to be,
To spread love and light, for all to see.

ArthuratBlackPoint_20200520_D56_0257Arthur At Black PointArthur at Black Point. Tropical Storm Arthur is the first named storm of 2020 Hurricane Season; though hundreds of miles offshore, it brings its drama to the shores of Narragansett, Rhode Island.

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