The Curious Turkey. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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What's This?

Feathered friend, with eyes so wide,
Observing humans, bustling, stride.
Oddly festive, hearts so bright,
As Thanksgiving's feast looms in sight.
A turkey's puzzlement, profound,
Their eager faces, joy unbound.

Scrutinizing The Situation 

Scrutinizing The Situation 20211107 850_3068Scrutinizing The Situation 20211107 850_3068A turkey scrutinizing the situation

The Curious Turkey

In a pen of straw and hay, where turkeys roam,
A puzzled bird named Tom began to groan.
He'd seen the humans bustling all around,
With hurried steps and tasks so profound.

"What's all this fuss, this frenzy, I implore?
Why do they rush like waves upon the shore?
They bake and clean, they chop and rearrange,
Their faces etched with worry and with change."

Tom's friend, a wise old turkey named Clyde,
Replied with a chuckle, his feathers all wide.
"My dear Tom, haven't you a clue?
The humans are preparing for the feast anew.

Contemplating The Situation

Contemplating The Situation 20211107 850_3065Contemplating The Situation 20211107 850_3065A turkey contemplating the situation

'Tis Thanksgiving Day, a day of great delight,
When families gather, their hearts taking flight.
They'll gather 'round the table, their voices in glee,
To feast upon a turkey, plump and juicy, you see."

Tom's eyes widened, his feathers turned ashen,
A sudden chill ran down his spine so silken.
"A turkey feast? Oh, dear, what have I done?
Will I be the main course, the one they'll all outrun?"

Clyde let out a cackle, his voice like a chime,
"Fear not, dear Tom, your time is not yet prime.
You're safe for now, my friend, no need to fret,
Just enjoy your days, no need to sweat."

Scanning The Situation

Scanning The Situation 20211107 850_3060Scanning The Situation 20211107 850_3060A turkey scanning the situation

Tom nodded slowly, his fears subsiding,
A sense of relief inside him residing.
He watched the humans, their laughter so bright,
And thought to himself, "What a strange sight.

They prepare a feast, yet worry so much,
Their lives so hurried, their touches so rough.
Perhaps they should learn from us turkeys, you see,
To savor the moment, to let worries flee."

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