A Gilded Whisper in the Night. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Golden Whisper

Frosted bough, hushed and dark,
Holds a glimmer, faint and pure.
Muted gold, a whispered spark,
Where stars and city lights allure.

Beneath the crown, a promise sleeps,
Warmth in winter's cold embrace.
Not wealth, but love, the Christmas keeps,
In every starlit, silent space.


Gold_20201209_850_1809GoldThe color of gold on a Christmas ornament in the evening at the village green in Peace Dale, Rhode Island

A Gilded Whisper in the Night

In parkland hush, where frost-kissed branches bend,
A muted gold, a whisper in the night,
An ornament, on watchful pine suspended,
Reflects the distant Christmas lights.

No blaze of wealth, no sunlit, kingly crown,
But humble foil, a star's ethereal gleam,
It whispers tales of wise men kneeling down,
And gifts of gold, a destined, starry dream.

Not riches crude, nor power sought in vain,
But faith's pure flame, a guiding, gentle star,
A promise whispered, borne on winter's rain,
Of love unpriced, that lights this world afar.

So let the tinsel glitter, baubles chime,
But hold this star, a truth in muted gold,
For in its glow, transcending space and time,
The Christmas spirit, ancient, yet untold.

May gilded whispers fill the frosty air,
Of shepherds' hearts and angels' joyous song,
And in each heart, a silent prayer,
That love's true gold may right each bitter wrong.

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