A Starlit Whisper on the Town Green. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Glimmering Grace

Gilded whisper, frost-kissed bough,
Starlight caught in angel's brow.
Green square shimmers, whispers low,
"Children's laughter, let it flow."
Town green cradles, soft and white,
"Come, all hearts, to gentle light."

Let the Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come 20221222 850_6110Let the Little Children ComeA significant part of our past. The ornament style that we had when our now teenage sons were younger. Ornaments that could be handled without breaking.
A Starlit Whisper on the Town Green

A hush descends, the town square stilled,
Beneath the starlight, snow-kissed trees.
A single ornament, gold-enwreathed,
Shimmers on the festive breeze.

Upon the boughs, a million lights,
Dance like fireflies in winter's night.
Yet drawn we are, with gentle sway,
To where that subtle lighting lies.

For in its gleam, a whisper floats,
A melody of love and grace.
It speaks of hope, of open arms,
An echo of a child's embrace.

"Let the little children come," it sings,
With softest light upon the breeze.
A call that gathers young and old,
Beneath the boughs of whispering trees.

In gathered hands, a circle made,
Around the starlit, silent green.
With carols sung and stories shared,
The spirit of the season's seen.

For in that ornament's soft glow,
A truth reveals, both old and new:
That Christmas joy, like starlight bright,
Shines brightest when it welcomes you.

So, gather close, with open hearts,
Beneath the tree, where starlight falls.
Let echoes of the "Let them come"
Fill this night with joyous calls.

For in the twinkle, in the gleam,
We find the magic of the day.
A subtle ornament, a whisper soft,
"Let the little children play."

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