A Wickford Christmas Carol. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Carols by the Window

Window gleam, carols rise,
Lobsterman's joyful surprise,
Farmer's harvest in the light,
Glad tidings fill the night.

Wickford Carolers

Wickford Carolers 02 20231205 850_8408_displayWickford Carolers 02 20231205 850_8408_displayCarolers surrounding a candle in a Christmas window display along the street iin Wickford, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

A Wickford Christmas Carol

In Wickford's quaint and charming scene,
Where snowflakes dance and gaslights gleam,
I wandered through the frosty night,
Embraced by Christmas' warm delight.

Amidst the twinkling lights so bright,
A window glowed, a candle's light,
Where tiny carolers stood in glee,
Their voices raised in harmony.

A lobsterman, his slicker bright,
His sou'wester hat, a joyful sight,
With lobster trap, he joined the song,
His voice in chorus, loud and strong.

A farmer, with a basket full,
Of produce fresh and bountiful,
His voice boomed out, a hearty cheer,
Spreading Christmas joy far and near.

Men and women, young and old,
Their voices blended, a story told,
Of glad tidings, of great joy,
In this quaint town, where hearts employ.

The candle flickered, soft and warm,
Casting shadows on each form,
A tableau of Christmas cheer,
In Wickford's heart, so crystal clear.

I paused to watch, my heart aglow,
As Christmas spirit began to grow,
In Wickford's streets, so quaint and old,
Where Christmas stories still are told.


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