Autumn's Embrace at Sakonnet Harbor. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Sakonnet Harbor in Autumn

Grasses sway,
Summer's boats hauled away,
Fishing boats rest, painted by the day's last light,
Awaiting dawn's work,
Sakonnet Harbor in autumn's caress.

Late Fall Afternoon in Sakonnet Harbor

Late Fall Afternoon in Sakonnet Harbor 02 20231116 850_7875_displayLate Fall Afternoon in Sakonnet Harbor 02 20231116 850_7875_displaySakonnet Harbor on a late fall afternoon

Autumn's Embrace at Sakonnet Harbor

As autumn's kiss paints the landscape anew,
Sakonnet Harbor's beauty shines through.
Where summer's boats once gracefully sailed,
A tranquil silence now prevails.

The grasses sway in the breeze's soft sigh,
As the sun dips low in the autumnal sky.
Fishing vessels, weathered and worn,
Await the dawn, their mission reborn.

Their hulls, once vibrant, now bear the sea's mark,
Yet their spirits remain, unyielding and stark.
They stand as sentinels, guardians of the shore,
Ready to face whatever lies in store.

The setting sun casts a golden hue,
Painting the scene with a magical view.
The water's surface, a mirror so clear,
Reflects the beauty that autumn holds dear.

As the day draws to a close, and twilight descends,
A sense of peace over the harbor transcends.
The silence is broken only by the waves' gentle roll,
A berceuse that soothes and consoles.

Sakonnet Harbor, a place of serenity and grace,
Where autumn's beauty finds its rightful place.


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