Olive Whispers. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

December 16, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Holy Land in Hand

Olive whispers Bethlehem,
Across the ocean, friendship's flown.
Starlit Rhode Island cradles faith,
A tiny manger, light aglow.

Rooted in love, a gift reborn.


Nativity 20221222 850_6108NativityA nativity scene carved from Olive wood on our Christmas Tree at home
Olive Whispers

From Holy Land, where prophets walked,
An olive whisper, finely wrought,
A gift of friendship, kindness sought,
Across the seas, to Rhode Island brought.

No grand facade, nor gold-encrusted sheen,
But humble wood, with patient hand,
Carved figures, bathed in Christmas sheen,
A silent story, for all to understand.

The Virgin's grace, the Christ child's sleep,
A simple stable, starlight bright,
A shepherd's crook, a starlit steep,
Whispers of peace on Christmas night.

On family tree, with lights aglow,
It nestles close, a cherished friend,
A bond of love, where branches grow,
And faith and hope forever blend.

From Israel's touch, to German care,
To Rhode Island's hearth, a gift so true,
The olive whispers, soft and rare,
A Christmas tale, forever new.


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