The Anchor's Assurance. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Starlit Anchor

Frosted boughs, a hush descends,
Peace Dale sleeps, in starlight dressed.
On evergreen, an iron gleam,
Anchor's hold, a whispered dream.
Hope's promise, steady in the night,
Roots us deep, with guiding light.

Anchor Of Hope

AnchorOfHope_20201209_850_1817Anchor Of HopeThe anchor, the symbol of Hope. A handmade ornament on display on the village green in Peace Dale, Rhode Island. The anchor, the symbol of Hope.

The Anchor's Assurance

In Peace Dale's hush, where frosted rooftops gleam,
And starry skies dance on Narragansett's stream,
A humble tree, ablaze with festive flair,
Holds in its boughs a whisper soft and rare.

An anchor, carved from weathered ocean wood,
With barnacles like jewels, where dreams have stood,
Hangs silent on its watch, a promise whispered low,
Of steadfast hope where winter winds may blow.

No ship it binds, no tempest can unmoor,
This anchor tethered to a branch secure,
For in its form, a sacred truth takes flight,
A beacon in the dark, a guiding light.

"We have Hope," it sings, on moonlit evergreen,
"An anchor for the soul, unseen, serene,
Through churning tides and storms that may descend,
Hope holds us fast, till shadows find their end."

The village sleeps, beneath the wintry spell,
Yet whispers dance where frosted branches swell,
An anchor's lullaby, on silent air,
A promise soft, a gentle, whispered prayer.

So let us dream, beneath the frosted moon,
Where hope takes root, in hearts that bloom,
And find, within this winter's starry grace,
The anchor's song, a whisper to entrance.

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