The Drizzle-Dappled Village Green. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Ember in Gloaming

Green hushed, a canvas for mist,
Streetlamps like fallen stars ignite.
Through rain, a lone bauble's kiss,
Red ember in the fading light.
Village sleeps, a silent chime.

Color of Christmas

ColorOfChristmas_20201209_850_1812Color Of ChristmasIf red be the color of Christmas, it is displayed in splendor on this tree on the village gree in Peace Dale, Rhode Island.
The Drizzle-Dappled Village Green

On the village green, in the dusk's soft sigh,
Where cobblestones gleam with a tearful sheen,
A lone tree stands, decked in festive guise,
Its boughs adorned with a thousand dreams.

The lamps of the street cast a hazy glow,
Melting into the mist that clings so low,
And whispers of rain, like secrets told,
Rustle the leaves in the winter's cold.

But one bright spark pierces the misty air,
A ruby jewel, a beacon rare,
A Christmas bauble, red as a rose,
On the highest branch, where the wind it knows.

It catches the light, a defiant flame,
A promise whispered, a whispered name,
Of joy to come, of warmth within,
Though shadows dance and the rain may spin.

For in that gleam, in that crimson spark,
Hope lives on, though the night be dark,
A reminder held in the drizzling air,
That love and light will conquer despair.

So let the rain fall, let the wind blow free,
The village green holds its mystery,
A red bauble's glow, a whispered prayer,
On the Christmas tree, in the evening there.

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