The Starry Shell. Photopoetry by Keith R Wahl

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Starry Sea Coin

Carved in ocean's loom,
A star-shaped Christmas gift,
Shell whispers silent wishes,
Of peace and hope adrift,
A treasure borne to land.

Legend Of The Sand Dollar

LegendOfTheSandDollar_202012009_850_1816Legend Of The Sand DollarA Sand Dollar on the Village Green in Peace Dale, Rhode Island.
The Sand Dollar Legend:
On the top of the shell is a symbol that looks like a star, a reminder of the Star of Bethlehem that led wise men to the Christ Child. Around the star is an outline of an Easter lily, a reminder of the Lord’s resurrection.
There are five holes in a sand dollar – four around the ends of the star and one in the center. According to the religious legend, the four holes represent the four wounds of Christ when his hands and feet were nailed to the cross. The center hole represents the wound made from a soldier’s spear.
When you turn over the sand dollar, you see the outline of a poinsettia, the Christmas flower. And if you break open a sand dollar, five dove-shaped pieces emerge. Doves are often used in art and literature as a symbol of peace and goodwill.

The Starry Shell

Upon the shifting, sandy shore,
A treasure lies, forevermore.
A gift from sea, a pearly white,
The sand dollar, bathed in light.

A star upon its upper crest,
A poinsettia, where it rests.
Five tiny holes, a silent plea,
For peace and love, eternally.

They speak of wounds, of suffering sore,
But also of the love that's more.
For in the pain, a promise lies,
Of hope and joy, that never dies.

So hold this shell, with reverence deep,
And let its message gently seep.
For Christmastide is here again,
A time for love, for peace, for men.

Let star and flower, hand in hand,
Remind us of that promised land.
Where love shall reign, and wars shall cease,
And hearts shall sing in perfect peace.

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