Kinetic Beachcombing. Photography & Text by Keith R Wahl

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Making beachcombing active and imaginative

Translucent and Vibrant

Translucent and Vibrant 20230301 850_7235Translucent and VibrantMulticolored shell fresh from the surf on Narragansett Beach, translucent in the sun and vibrant from the water.

Most people see beachcombing as a casual pursuit. It is someone that one with leisure. One takes home the results and looks at the shells and rocks and admires their treasures. And I agree that there is something to that. But it is not for me.

I prefer my beachcombing to be an active pursuit. I like to run in, dodging the surf, and photograph my finds with alacrity. I want to catch shells and other items fresh and in their most natural state.

This "most natural state" is when beachcombing subjects are at their most vibrant. The sand is wet and golden. The shells show their best colors, still flecked with sand and salt. Their colors translucent in the sunlight and shining. And I capture these with a camera, because on the next wave, they are gone.

When I come back to my collection, my imagination fills with stories. I see the blues that might inspire legendary ceramics. The pale colors that illuminate our lives. The simple compositions that inspire artists.

When combined, beachcombing is a journey of discovery, frenetic activity, and imagination. It is a busyness for the body and the mind.

Golden Beachcombing

Golden Beachcombing 20230301 850_7236Golden BeachcombingGolden colors in display on the sand at Narragansett Beach

Echoes of Delft

Echoes of Delft 20230301 850_7233Echoes of DelftEchoes of blue delft in a clamshell on Narragansett Beach

Clamshell with Surf Impressions

Clamshell with Surf Impressions 20230301 850_7229Clamshell with Surf ImpressionsA clamshell sitting upon the recently surf rearranged sand of Narragansett Beach

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