Little Friend. Photography & Text by Keith R Wahl

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The key is to be gentle

Little Friend

LittleFriend_20200824_850_6823LittleFriendA little friend stays with me as I walk the Roger Wheeler State Beach. It is in the sunset hour and he and others followed as I walked the beach

One of the joys of going to the beach is watching the birds that live there. They are so graceful and lively, and they seem to have their own personalities. Some are shy and timid; others are bold and curious. Some are friendly and sociable; others are aloof and solitary. If you want to make friends of beach birds, you need to respect their space and their habits. Here are some tips to help you get closer to these feathered creatures.

- First, observe them from a distance. Don't try to approach them too quickly or too closely. Learn their patterns and behaviors, and try to mimic them. For example, if they are walking along the shore, you can walk parallel to them at a safe distance. If they are resting on the sand, you can sit quietly nearby. 

- Second, talk to them softly. Birds are very sensitive to sounds, and they might respond to your voice if you use a gentle and friendly tone. You can say hello, compliment their feathers, or ask them questions. You can try to imitate their calls. Don't shout or make loud noises that might startle them or annoy them. Listen to their sounds and try to mimic them.

- Third, be patient and consistent. Birds are not easy to befriend, and they might take a long time to trust you. You might have to visit the beach several times before they recognize you and accept you as a friend. Keep trying and show them that you are harmless and kind.


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