Stone & Clamshell. Photography & Text by Keith R Wahl

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So beautiful together

Stone & Clamshell

Stone & Clamshell 20230301 850_7227Stone & Clamshell A clamshell and a stone on Narragansett Beach. So beautiful together.

I want to share with you a little story about a clamshell and a stone on the beach. I found them while I was walking along the shore, enjoying the sun and the breeze. They caught my eye because they looked so different from each other, yet so beautiful together.

The clamshell was smooth and shiny, with a pearly white color and a hint of orange from the seaweed. It had a delicate shape, like a half-moon. The stone was smooth and shiny, with a wet dark gray color. It had an irregular shape, like a broken piece of smoothed rock.

I walked around them gently so not to disturb them. They looked cold and hard, but also smooth and soothing. I wondered how they ended up next to each other, and what stories they could tell. The clamshell was once part of a living creature, that buried itself in the ocean bottom. Maybe the stone was once part of a mountain, that stood tall and proud and resisted the erosion of time.

I decided to photograph them as a souvenir, and a reminder of the beauty of nature. I captured them in my camera memory and continued my walk. I felt happy and grateful for this simple gift. I hope you enjoyed this story, and I hope you find your own treasures on the beach.


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